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Formula 8

FORMULA-8 joint sealer uses Teflon® in a white thixotropic paste to seal most threaded joints. The seals are formed over the entire thread length instead of just a fraction of the total convolutions. Unlike thread-sealing tapes, the size or length of the thread is not a limiting factor. FORMULA-8 is designed for welding equipment, fine threads, gas bottle valves, oxygen distribution, hydraulic and plumbing systems. Use in oxygen systems below 125°C. FORMULA-8 won't deteriorate from -400T to +500°F and in vacuums 10-3 Torr. FORMULA-8 is hydrophilic (water absorbing) and requires no curing time. Systems may be put back into service immediately. Furthermore, the paste "wets" the threaded surface and cannot be accidentally dislodged where assembly is in locations difficult to access. FORMULA-8 lubricates exceptionally well and as a result, caution must be exercised when tightening cast iron fittings to prevent splitting. FORMULA-8 is sold in 3.5-ounce squeeze tubes

Formula 8
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  • Item #: Formula-8
  • Manufacturer: Fluoramics
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