Nitrogen Purge Alarm

NFPA-99 requires that the Medical Gas Installer be notified when the contents of the Nitrogen Purge is running low. We have searched the industry and have found a replacement high pressure gauge that does just that. All you do is remove the high pressure gauge from your existing purging rig and replace it with this one. The battery is only being used when the unit is in alarm or while the test button is depressed. The unit has both a visual and audible alarm when the pressure falls below 500 psi +/- 150 psi. 

Also know as the "Lo N2 Alert"

IMPORTANT: The alarm has a 1/4" Male NPT fitting. If you need a 1/8" fitting, order the B-294 adapter. 

Nitrogen Purge Alarm
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  • Item #: S3000-1/4
  • Manufacturer: Pegasus Research
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